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Shank (Credits)

Klei Entertainment

Jamie ChengExecutive Producer
Jeff AgalaCreative Director
Art Team
Aaron BouthillierLead Animator
Jordan KrahnAnimation Builds
Meghan ShawLead Environment Artist
Angela WoodgateAnimation Builds
Daniel YuArt Design and Storyboards
Engineering Team
Alex ColbertProgrammer
Chris CostaProgrammer
Kevin ForbesProgrammer
Ju-Lian KwanProgrammer
Design Team
Marcus LoGame Designer
Chris WorboysJunior Designer
Gary LamDesign Director
Marianne KrawcyzkWriter
Contract Art
Lazarino BaardeStoryboards
Kenneth ChuCinematic Animation
Damien LabonteEnvironment Artist
Byron LeboeEnvironment Artist
Alicia LumbEnvironment Artist
Janis OsenenkoArt Design and Storyboards
Elard MenesesPosing
Eugene TrakhtenbergAnimation
Andrew ChambersAdditional Design
Vincent DeVeraOriginal Music
Jason GarnerOriginal Music
Alan Wong-MoonSound Engineer
Jennifer EtheringtonProduction Manager
Kelly GrahamProduction Coordinator
Ophir LupuAgent
Chris BennettLegal
Flash Fire CommunicationsPublic Relations (Support Company)
High Road CommunicationsPublic Relations (Support Company)
Brian AgalaSpecial Thanks
Monika AgalaSpecial Thanks
Oliver AgalaSpecial Thanks
Nino CastilloSpecial Thanks
Carolyn CarnesSpecial Thanks
Chris ChanSpecial Thanks
Rex ChanSpecial Thanks
Irene ChengSpecial Thanks
Mike DoranSpecial Thanks
Alex GardenSpecial Thanks
Michael HealdSpecial Thanks
Scott JacksonSpecial Thanks
Mary JaySpecial Thanks
Steve JonesSpecial Thanks
Jamil MoledinaSpecial Thanks
Erick ScarecrowSpecial Thanks
Sus SkerlSpecial Thanks
JubJubSpecial Thanks

OMNI Audio

Alistair HirstSound Effects
Robert RidihalghSound Effects
Chase CombsSound Effects
Daylon WaldenSound Effects
Matt RaganSound Effects

Walla Group

Lyssa BrowneVoice Casting and Directing

Art Institute of Seattle

Eddy LeeThanks
Erika PrestonThanks
Don SchaabThanks
Lilith KemnitzThanks
Shawn McGrathThanks
Teresa D'AmbrosiaThanks
David BernerThanks
Andrew O. JohnsonThanks
Scott CarnzThanks
Justin DeLongThanks
Jeffrey OdumThanks
John CatlinThanks

EA Partners

David DeMartiniGeneral Manager
Jon HorsleyHead of Production North America / Asia
Sinjin BainVice President, Business Development
Mike DoranProducer
Craig KrstolicAssociate Producer
Daniel AllenderAdditional Production
Jamil MoledinaOutreach Director / Business Development
Chris SerraBusiness Development

Electronic Arts

Craig RechenmacherVice President EAP Global Marketing
Yoko NakaoDirector of Marketing
Phil MarineauSenior Product Manager
Alex CharlowProduct Manager
Andrew WongSenior Publicist
Raymond LangfordQuality Assurance Manager
Daniel AllenderQuality Assurance Project Lead
Brian BarnesSenior Software Tester
Nick CoopriderSenior Software Tester
Paul HolmesSenior Software Tester
Wilfredo AguilarSpecial Thanks
Steve ArnoldSpecial Thanks
Michael BrozmanSpecial Thanks
Joe CademartoriSpecial Thanks
Tami CherolisSpecial Thanks
Steve D'EreditaSpecial Thanks
Shelley Doran-JoseSpecial Thanks
James JoseSpecial Thanks
Lana KrstolicSpecial Thanks
Tai KrstolicSpecial Thanks
Tom LittleSpecial Thanks
David LuotoSpecial Thanks
Mike OlsenSpecial Thanks
Marvin PenaSpecial Thanks
Russell PeaveySpecial Thanks
Jonathan ParraSpecial Thanks
Raphael RulandSpecial Thanks
John SaleraSpecial Thanks
Crystal SanchezSpecial Thanks
Dan ShermanSpecial Thanks
Ben SmithSpecial Thanks
Hunter SmithSpecial Thanks
John ViffianSpecial Thanks
Joel WadeSpecial Thanks
Evelyn WalkerSpecial Thanks
David YeeSpecial Thanks

Seventoon Inc.

Additional Overseas Animation
Mimbi L. EloriagaOverseas Producer
Tez B. ManaloProduction Manager
Arisse FabianOverseas Animation Director
Amy FortesAssistant Director
Man PinzaBuilds / Layout / Setup Supervisor
Jhong MoralesLayout and Setup
Jaye Karlo CayetanoBuilder and Animator
Froilan LumibaoBuilder and Animator
Jhong MoralesBuilder and Animator
Mark MarzanBuilder and Animator
Jonathan FlestadoBuilder and Animator
Khim ReloxBuilder and Animator
Reywen LumibaoBuilder and Animator
Gilmore MercadoBuilder and Animator
Joseph De GuzmanBuilder and Animator
Arvin BarroBuilder and Animator
John GonzalesBuilder and Animator
Carla AlbanBuilder and Animator
Kim PetezaBuilder and Animator
Ron MartinBuilder and Animator
Lani C. BarcelonaTechnical Director
Angus Ber SorianoEditor


Stephen WickesDirector of PC / Console Sales - Americas
Nicole WestPre-Production Coordinator
Patrice BennettPremastering
Bruce StammVice President, Functionality and Compliance Testing
Irina LokshinaSenior Project Manager
Paul MagorDelivery Manager, Functionality / Compliance Testing
James SmallTechnical Compliance Specialist
Clinton MunnFunctionality Quality Assurance Coordinator
Tim JahnFunctionality Quality Assurance Coordinator
Francisco BallesterosFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Jeff RietdykFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Justin FernandesFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Lee MoreFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Claude PlamondonFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Ryan McIlwaineFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Louis RussoFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Adran CiocanFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
David JacksonFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester
Dominic LavigneFunctionality Quality Assurance Tester


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Released: 2010

Shank is the cult-classic revival of the sidescrolling beat-em-up. Play as Shank in an over-the-top grindhouse game, packed to the rim with enemies, bosses, combos, and more by the award-winning team at Klei...