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Shining Force (Credits)

Camelot Software Planning

Hiroyuki TakahashiGame Design
Masaki WachiScenario
Yoshitaka TamakiScenario
Hiroyuki TakahashiScenario
Masaki WachiSubscript
Kenji OrimoSubscript
Haruki KoderaSubscript
Hiroyuki TakahashiSubscript
Ritsuko HisasueScenario Assistant
Tadashi IwaseScenario Assistant
Yasuhiro TaguchiProgrammer
Toshinori TagawaProgrammer
Okochama NaitohProgrammer
Haruki KoderaProgrammer
Masumi TakimotoTechnical Support
Kiyoaki MatsumotoTechnical Support
Yoshitaka TamakiCharacter Design
Hidehiro YoshidaGraphics Direction
Toshitaka TamakiGraphics Direction
Hidehiro YoshidaGraphic Design
Yoshitaka TamakiGraphic Design
Ryushiro MiyazakiGraphic Design
1610. Nakashima - Graphics Design
Hirotada KakusakaGraphic Design
Mizuho MochizukiGraphic Design
Yojiro HirashitaGraphic Design
Ryutaro IshimatuGraphic Design
Masahiko YoshimuraMusic Composition
Dogen ShibuyaSound Effects
Enzan ShibuyaSound Effects
Naoki AokiSpecial Thanks
Kotaro HayashidaSpecial Thanks
Shiro TsuchiyaSpecial Thanks
Yasuhiro TaguchiDirector
Kenji OrimoDirector
Shinya NishigakiPromotion Director
Hiroyuki TakahashiProducer
Sonic Co. LtdCreated by (Support Company)
Climax StudiosClimax Co., Ltd. (Support Company)
Sega EnterprisesPresented by (Support Company)


Shining Force

84 /100

Released: 1992

Shining Force is a turn-based tactical RPG. Battles take place in square grids, and each unit occupies 1 square. Units can belong to one of two sides: allies (controlled by the player) or enemies (controlled by the...