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Releasing: August 26, 2016

After stopping the revival of a demon god at the Magic Castle of the Desert, Shiren and Koppa set off in search of new adventures. Soon thereafter, our heroes wandered into small village. This village, Inori, has a legend that claims, “If you climb the Tower of Fortune that soars above the enchanted land and face Reeva, the god of Destiny, you can change your fate.” Shiren and Koppa, having confirmed many mysterious legends throughout their journeys, decide to embrace this new challenge.

The challenge that awaits Shiren and his friends will challenge is the “Mysterious Dungeon”. It is a dungeon that changes its layout as well as the item and monster placement on subsequent replays. From formidable monsters to dangerous traps, players will learn to overcome the various obstacles that stand in opposition to Shiren. This title also boasts a variety of additional new dungeons! With widescreen support, PlayStation®TV support, and trophies the PlayStation®Vita system version of Shiren is jam-packed with features!

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