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Shovel Knight (Credits)

Yacht Club Games

Chris Anderson (I)Developer
Kenneth BlossomDeveloper
David D'AngeloDeveloper
Ian FloodDeveloper
Morgan GuyerDeveloper
Michael HerbsterDeveloper
Matt HullDeveloper
Jake KaufmanDeveloper
Manami MatsumaeDeveloper
Erin PellonDeveloper
Sean VelascoDeveloper
Nick WozniakDeveloper
Mark BozonDirector for a Day
Alexander HatzikidesDirector for a Day
Danny D. Henderson Jr.Director for a Day
Steven NessDirector for a Day
Max VanduyneDirector for a Day
Naomi WozniakProduction Baby
Dan AdelmanSpecial Thanks
Joseph VasquezSpecial Thanks
8-4 Ltd.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Mohammed TaherSpecial Thanks
Brave Wave ProductionsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Humble BundleSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
John PolsonSpecial Thanks
Mojang ABSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Matthew SwaugerSpecial Thanks
Seow Zong HuiSpecial Thanks
Watermelon Co.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Heart MachineSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Ackk StudiosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Fuzzy Wuzzy GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Prismatic GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
OnipunksSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Cantrip GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Giant Enemy LabsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Suncreature StudioSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
CamoflajSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
CrowsmackSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Julián QuijanoSpecial Thanks
Andrew Whipple IIISpecial Thanks
Jonathan HolmesSpecial Thanks
Lucas ThomasSpecial Thanks
Jesse DestasioSpecial Thanks
Alexander SliwinskiSpecial Thanks
Aaron LewisSpecial Thanks
Akili ThomasSpecial Thanks
Andrew EhlenSpecial Thanks
Brandon CipollaSpecial Thanks
Brian FloodSpecial Thanks
Chrs D'AngeloSpecial Thanks
Chris DauwalderSpecial Thanks
Chris LosorelliSpecial Thanks
Cole PhillipsSpecial Thanks
Dan IversonSpecial Thanks
George MathewsSpecial Thanks
Hudson CarothersSpecial Thanks
Jeff LukeSpecial Thanks
Jonathan DaarSpecial Thanks
Josh CarothersSpecial Thanks
Justin GorsonSpecial Thanks
Kevin StandiferSpecial Thanks
Kyle HalversenSpecial Thanks
Laura HoodSpecial Thanks
Alex HoodSpecial Thanks
Michael FloodSpecial Thanks
Mike FloresSpecial Thanks
Nick DepetrisSpecial Thanks
Pablo BertSpecial Thanks
Rob WeinbergSpecial Thanks
Saida WoolfSpecial Thanks
Sean HaggartSpecial Thanks
Sean Murphy (II)Special Thanks
Stephen FootSpecial Thanks
Steve RamirezSpecial Thanks
Thaer IrvinSpecial Thanks
Tyler StokesSpecial Thanks
Vince MertesSpecial Thanks
Aaron DavisSpecial Thanks
Bridy BrooksSpecial Thanks
Kris KaufmanSpecial Thanks
Shana CuneoSpecial Thanks
Osiris FoxSpecial Thanks
Isaiah Fox-KovachSpecial Thanks
Kathryn JacobsonSpecial Thanks
Elizabeth Roren-HullSpecial Thanks
Jade KepkeSpecial Thanks
Tim GuyerSpecial Thanks
Grant LoudSpecial Thanks
Michele LoudSpecial Thanks
Dylan GuyerSpecial Thanks
Matilde E. HerbsterSpecial Thanks
Maggie PotthoffSpecial Thanks
Ellen WozniakSpecial Thanks
Shannon HatakedaSpecial Thanks
Kevin FloodSpecial Thanks
Karen FloodSpecial Thanks
Kerrie PellonSpecial Thanks
Tarmo PellonSpecial Thanks
Pirjo PellonSpecial Thanks
Shanan HarrellSpecial Thanks
Jeri HarrellSpecial Thanks
Cootie VelascoSpecial Thanks
Kris KaufmanSpecial Thanks
Nugget KaufmanSpecial Thanks
... and all Kickstarter backers. You made this happen!


Shovel Knight

87 /100

Released: 2014

Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic. It's a hot mashup of new and old! You play as the eponymous Shovel Knight, a small...