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Good and bad platformer [7.0/10]

mikalg created

Shovel Knight is an alright action platformer. My main point of critique is that the game is a massive grind, because the levels are all about memorizing. Each level is centered around its boss, resulting in each level being very different and showing lots of interesting mechanics. However the levels are designed in such away that you have to mo...

Retro Masterpiece [10.0/10]

EpicEnder99 created

Shovel Knight blew me away. Or should i say it dug me away. (That was an awful joke). Shovel Knight is the best game to come out of crowdfunding and it is one of the few games that actually is paying homage to the NES era whilst also being a great game. The game follows a knight. Shovel Knight. Who seeks revenge on the death of his beloved shiel...

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

(Based on PS4 version) It was breif, pretty frustrating, but fairly enjoyable. Like a metroid-vania clone with some actual personality. Just too brief to be epic though. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 7 Pacing- 6 Characters- 7 Originality- 8 Linearity- 6 Length- 9 Epicness- 8 "The Presentation" Visuals- 7 Display- 8 Musi...