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mbartholows Review [9.0/10]

mbartholow created

Great game. Steam is horrible. Tried for three days and 20 emails to sign back into steam after I bought a new Mac. Wish they had a way of playing the game armed with only the disk and the activation code on the back of manual. I would give 9 stars to the game and 0 stars for Steam. Maybe a five to steam if it worked.

RoleplayeRs Review [9.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

Classic game, the fifth iteration is by far the best! After a bit shaky 4, the fifth take on the immortal classic by Sid Meier hits the sweet spot. Not only is it gorgeous, smooth, and well-designed graphically, but it offers a great variety of features and complexity which does not feel forced. Recommend to play with both addons available to d...

Building on a legacy [0.0/10]

Shawndroid created

Great turn-based strategy game in Sid Meier's tradition. Precisely what one would expect. I haven't played Civilization before, but had played Alpha Centauri. Everything made sense and was well explained.