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Side Pocket 3 (Japanese: サイドポケット3 Hepburn: Saido Poketto 3?) is a Japan-exclusive pocket billiards video game for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Like its predecessor, Side Pocket 2, it features the in-game likeness of a real-life professional pool player. In this case, it's JPBA member, Kyoko Sone.[4]

Unlike the prior installments in the Side Pocket series, Side Pocket 3 renders the pool room environment with 3D polygons. In spite of this, the table can still be viewed in a traditional, top-down fashion.

Play modes consist of: story mode,[4] training mode, trick game mode,[4] and versus mode. Game variants include: eight ball, nine ball, rotation, 14.1 continuous, bowlliards, cutthroat, three ball, poker, pocket game, mitsudama, and yotsudama.