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Siege of Avalon

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Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Siege of Avalon is a traditional fantasy-RPG with an isometric view. The setting is an imaginary land which has been ruined by wars and it is up to you to defeat the evil warrior Mithras, who strives to conquer the entire land. Only the fortress of Avalon resists to his evil intentions. The game is mainly story-driven, featuring many NPCs, and has action-based combat. It doesn't follow any particular set of RPG rules; charact... Read More

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The game begins with an entry in the hero's journal. The siege has been going on for several years and his brother Corvus serves as part of the military in Avalon. When their father dies, the hero feels that it is his obligation to inform Corvus of the sad news, so he becomes part of the crew of a ship sailing from Elythria to Avalon to deliver supplies. The Sha'ahoul sinks all of the ships except the one the hero is on and the ship reaches Avalon without most of its supplies. It is not possible to make a return voyage to Elythria and so the hero decides to stay at Avalon and help out Avalon in whatever manner he can. The player gains control at this point and begins by speaking to Corvus and informing him about his father's death. The players then helps the people of Avalon with many quests and tasks, eventually becoming a knight, ranger, or wizard of legends.