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Releasing: July 25, 2007

Silent Hill: The Arcade is an arcade game spin off of the survival horror video game series Silent Hill developed by Konami. The Arcade was first revealed at the 2007 Japan Arcade Operator's Union trade show by Konami. The game was eventually released in Japan in August 2007, and during 2008 in Europe.

Being a rail shooter, Silent Hill: The Arcade is a large departure from the normal survival horror mechanics of the main series.
The gameplay in Silent Hill: The Arcade is similar to the House of the Dead series in which players use light guns to aim and shoot at enemies. Shooting away from the screen reloads the player's gun.

The Arcade has a multiplayer element, where each player can choose to be either Eric or Tina. A second player can join the game at any time. Progress can be saved by using the e-Amusement pass.