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Silhouette Mirage

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Genre: Platform, Shooter

Platforms: PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PlayStation Network

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Good 90%

A beautiful game by Treasure! That is if you have the Saturn original. Unfortunately, most have either through the Playstation store or on the Playstation, both of which lack the second video display processor that helps with scaling and background animations. Due to that the scaling is wonky on all playstation ports. Working Designs really messed up the American release by somehow increasing the difficulty and removing sprites of the bunny smoki... Read More

Positive points
Beautiful Backgrounds

Great music

Multiple endings
Negative points
American Playstation Version is way too difficult The PlayStation version is missing all background animations Scaling is off in the playstation version The extra boss is definitely an afterthought... Read More


Silhouette Mirage takes place after a catastrophic event that causes a massive explosion and everyone in the world to split into two beings. Silhouette and Mirage. In case such an event happened humans created the "Edo System" to restore peace to the world, if the message was received. That Messenger is Shyna Nera Shyna known as the "Messenger of Destruction". Unfortunately, Shyna's memory has been mostly erased and she cannot remember where Edo is and has to find her way there. However, once she begins her journey she learns that the Silhouettes and Mirages are at war with one another, and to make matters worse is that both of them agree on thing and that is to eliminate Shyna.