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A Town with a Hell of a Nightlife.

Somewhere in the Old West, deep in the desert and surrounded by perpetual storms, is the town of Silverload. Once a prosperous boom town, it hasn't produced silver in years. There are still a few townsfolk around, but there is something peculiar about them. Nowadays, few outsiders go there except by chance. Those that do don't stay any longer than they have to. People say that some folks have headed that way and have never been seen again.

There might be something to the rumors, because some settlers have hired you to rescue one of their children. They say he was kidnapped by someone in SilverIoad. For a bounty hunter like you, this looks like easy money. It may be, but there is a mysterious Preacher in town who has a sinister plan that doesn't include you being around. The bounty is yours, that is, if you live long enough.