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SimCity 4

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Genre: Simulator, Strategy

Platforms: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Versions: See the alternative version of this game

SimCity 4 is a city-building simultor. You are in the shoes of one or several mayors, and you are tasked with populating and managing your cities.When you have chosen a segment to place your city in, you will be able to chose between 3 game modes. God mode: This mode lets you shape the overall landscapes as you desire Mayor mode: In this mode you build and manage your own cities. My Sim mode: Here the player can choose hi... Read More

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It's old but it's the best one out there if you ask me. Even though the graphics aren't full 3D they are still surprisingly high definition and it is fun to zoom in close just to look at the buildings. The graphics really do still hold up. I was pleasantly surprised when I played it a while back. The gameplay is fantastic if you're into this genre although there are a few problems. Some of those can be fixed with mods, which there are plenty of.... Read More