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Releasing: December 24, 2008

Your best skating buddy has been kidnapped by Virus, your arch-nemesis, and only you can save him! Become a skateboard master as you zip between hover cars, grind on rails, and pull sick tricks combos throughout a futuristic metropolis. Hidden bonuses and items will help you impress the evil captor in order to free your friend. Your grappling laser and trusty skateboard are all you need to smack down your nemesis and restore peace to the city!

Wii Balance Board™ compatible.
Ride in futuristic environments around the ciy-grinding high on top of skyscrapers, flipping through ultramodern factories, racing between aerial trains and hover cars is just the beginning!
Choose from 6 playable characters-each with their own unique skills and skating strenghts.
Up to 4 players can battle it out in a variety of multiplayer modes.