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Genre: Platform

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Arianna, a young sorceress, has been kidnapped by Ashura. Sky has pledged his life to rescuing her. Sky must venture through many colorful stages and nice background effects. Skyblazer is a blend of side-scrolling fighting with magical skills. Locating potions to recover energy and gaining magic points to thrash the enemies becomes a major part of the gameplay. Sky can also stick to and climb vertically up walls.

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180 reviews

Awful 20%

I HAAAAAATED this game, the difficulty level sometimes was SO unfairly hard- specifically with the platforming which was unforgiving as F***, and then sometimes it was ULTRA easy with the bosses and the length of the game being really short- plus is was devoid of any depth at all- so DUMB- F*** THIS GAME! Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 2 Pacing- 6 Characters- 1 Originality- 5 Linearity- 2 Length- 7 Epicness- 6 "The Presentation" Visuals- 8 ... Read More

Positive points
Visuals were ok
Negative points
Nearly everything about this game otherwise