Age Rating for Sleeping Dogs

This is a third-person shooter in which players assume the role of an undercover police officer who must infiltrate a crime organization in Hong Kong. As players complete missions to earn experience points and advance the plot, they use knives, meat cleavers, assault rifles, grenades, and other weapons to kill human enemies (e.g., armed/unarmed thugs, gang members). Hand-to-hand combat is a major component of gameplay: players can perform “environmental kills” such as throwing enemies into an ice chipper, pushing their heads into a table saw, impaling them on elevated meat hooks—these sequences are accompanied by slow-motion effects, exaggerated blood splatter, and scattered body parts. Cutscenes also depict intense acts of violence (e.g., unarmed characters getting shot at point-blank range; a restrained character being tortured with a razor and power drill). The game contains sexual material, which can be heard in the dialogue (e.g., “Hey, tell your sister to give me a call, huh? I wouldn't mind giving her a mouthful,”“Tell Ming to stick with girls over 14 this time,” The triads use those places as whorehouses”). In one sequence, a woman is briefly shown reaching for a man's crotch (both characters are fully clothed); in another, players can use in-game credits to make “massage parlor” purchases (the screen fades to black). Drug use is referenced several times, and one cutscene depicts a man snorting an illicit substance. Words such as “f**k,”“c*nt,” and “sh*t” can be heard in dialogue.