Smith and Winston Press kit


Execution Unit Ltd
Based in United Kingdom

Release Date:

Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows) / Mac




When a strange signal is detected in deep space the Federation orders Smith and Winston to go and investigate. What they find, after a brief nap, is a shattered ring world, aliens and an evil overlord called the VOID.

After crashing in to the ring world, due to a slight navigation error involving hitting an asteroid, you guide Smith and Winston through this strange new world.

Shippy, your ship, is there to help or maybe she’s there to kill you? Who knows? Either way, if you’re going to get home for another nap you’ll need to collect power cubes to repair Shippy!

Smith and Winston is a twin stick shooter for Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Featuring hand built levels in a custom engine optimized for fun and destruction.



There are far more images available for Smith and Winston, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact the developer!

Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)