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The game did it right [0.0/10]

shadi-basher created

Succeeded in transferring a legend arcade game ( Snake ) into new 3D modern release, - Rich of new ideas - Good Control - Nice vivid locations - Comfortable Physics based Game-play - Amazing arts & Designs - Charming Music ... .. . - Fun to play.

finalcreatures Review [8.0/10]

finalcreature created

I found this game thanks to a Youtube channel called HeavyEyed which I think very highly of his opinions. When I started the game a nice tune started playing and I was intrigued to start playing. The game started off with baby-steps tutorial (or should I say baby crawls...:P). The developer of this game understood how to mimic a real snake m...

shadi-bashers Review [7.0/10]

shadi-basher created

Rich of new ideas transferring a legend arcade game into new modern release, but it could be better.

maxim_knights Review [6.0/10]

maxim_knight created

A beautiful mess of a game that kept me interested for hours. Severely unpolished.

Kyzems Review [10.0/10]

Kyzem created

It's very rare these days that game devs come up with something absolutely NEW. This luckily has happened with Snake Pass. Trust me when I say that every game developer should play this game (kudos SUMO Digital) just to see how interesting controls can be. The idea was great and executed perfectly. Controlling Noodle is a challenge but it defini...

Baikerus Review [1.0/10]

Baikeru created

I just reactivated my Game Pass to play this game, because it looked really fun and unique. It's a very interesting concept, but it didn't take me long to rage quit and uninstall. I couldn't even get through the tutorial. In order to pass it you have to collect everything in the level. But one of the coins you have to collect is under a bridge, ...

divisive controls :s [0.0/10]

sighalot created

The best thing about Snake Pass? The controls. The worst things about Snake Pass? The controls. Contradictory? yes a little :D It's hugely innovative in the sense playing a slithering snake never felt so accurate, but damn can it be infuriating...