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Snipperclips: Cut it out, together! (Credits)

SFB Games

Adam VianCreative Director
Tom VianTechnical Director
Catherine UngerArt Lead
Daniel GallagherProgramming Lead
Terry DreverProgramming
Daniel FinebergProgramming
Calum BowenMusic
James PhillipsenSound Effects
Adam VianLevel Design
Vivek MelwaniLevel Design
Chris PolneyLevel Design
Philip BrodskyLevel Design


Takashi OgomoriUI Design
Ko TakeuchiArt Adviser
Motoaki FukudaArt Adviser
Katsuhiko KannoArt Adviser
Yusuke NakanoArt Adviser
Kae KonishiLogo Design
Dave PaulsLogo Design

Nintendo of America

North American Localization
Nate BihldorffNOA Localization Management
Reiko NinomiyaNOA Localization Management
Billy CarrollNOA Localization
Dan FazioNOA Localization
César PerezNOA Localization

Nintendo of Europe

Naiara Ordorika IbarguengoitiaNOE Localisation Producer
Sebastian DonnerstagNOE Localisation
Pierre GalmicheNOE Localisation
Carsten HarmansNOE Localisation
Sarah KellyNOE Localisation
Pedro José Moreno VillarNOE Localisation
Sven PötzlNOE Localisation
Kent RobelloNOE Localisation


Kazuki TsukudaTechnical Support
Brian CarlsonTesting
Keisuke FukushimaTesting
Vincent NgoTesting
NOA Product TestingTesting (Support Company)
Mario Club Co.Testing (Support Company)
Kiyo AndoSpecial Thanks
Yasushi MatsubaraSpecial Thanks
Yurie SatoSpecial Thanks
Shigeki YamashiroSpecial Thanks
Jeff MillerBusiness Development
Tim BechtelBusiness Development
James HelssenBusiness Development
Tim SymonsBusiness Development
Theresa ApolinarioDevelopment Coordinator
Michael BarryDevelopment Coordinator
Yuji IchijoDevelopment Coordinator
Shunsuke MatsushitaDevelopment Coordinator
Kazuyuki GofukuProject Manager
Masa MiyazakiProject Manager
Masamichi AbeAssistant Producer
Todd BuecheleAssistant Producer
Takao NakanoProducer
Toyokazu NonakaProducer
Shinya TakahashiGeneral Producer
Tatsumi KimishimaExecutive Producer

Snipperclips: Cut it out, together!

70 /100

Released: 2017

Cut paper characters into new shapes to solve dynamic puzzles and play activities in a wonderfully creative and imaginative world!