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Releasing: August 23, 2002

Soldat (meaning "soldier" in Italian, German, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, Catalan and Romanian) is a Polish 2D multiplayer game for Windows. It is a side-scroller inspired by Liero and Scorched Earth, combined with elements from Counter-Strike and Worms. The game is shareware. Registration unlocks extra aesthetic options, such as colored jet flames and custom interfaces. Version 1.5.0 also includes a minimap and changeable screen resolution for registered users.
Soldat is written and maintained by programmer Michał Marcinkowski, who started working on the game in November, 2001. It is coded in the Delphi programming language using the JEDI libraries. Though Marcinkowski is the primary developer, he works with a few others on the dedicated server and lobby, in addition to a small beta team which aids in testing prior to new releases.