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SOMA (Credits)

Frictional Games

Aaron Clifford3D Artist
David SatzingerGraphic Designer
Ian ThomasGameplay Programmer
Jens NilssonCEO
Luis Rodero MoralesTools Programmer
Marc Nicander3D Artist
Marcus Johansson3D Artist
Mikael HedbergWriter
Patrik DekhlaGameplay Programmer
Peter WesterEngine Programmer
Rasmus Gunnarsson3D & 2D Artist
Samuel JusticeAudio Director
Steven RedmondGameplay Programmer
Thomas GripCreative Director
Anton AdamseAdditional Art
Axion StudiosAdditional Art (Support Company)
Red Hot CG Software Ltd.Additional Art (Support Company)
Linus AsplundAdditional Art
Philip J. BucklandAdditional Art
Sebastian VasselbringAdditional Art
Tucho Fernàndez CaloAdditional Art
Mikael PerssonAnimation
Denny LindbergAdditional Animation
Anne PogodaAdditional Illustrations
Michael MacLeodAdditional Level Art

Art Bully Productions

Marcus DublinArt & Project Director
Ivan JankovicArt & Project Director
Alan VanRyzinArt & Project Director
Marcus DublinProps / Machines / Environments
Sanket GuptaProps / Machines / Environments
Ivan JankovicProps / Machines / Environments
Mashru MishuProps / Machines / Environments
Harry RidgewayProps / Machines / Environments
Alex VanRyzinProps / Machines / Environments
Trent TrombleyProps / Machines / Environments
Harrison GarvinProps / Machines / Environments
Evan HerbertProps / Machines / Environments
Maxim MiheyenkoProps / Machines / Environments
Ashish ParasharProps / Machines / Environments
Danny RodriguezProps / Machines / Environments
Jeremy SmithProps / Machines / Environments
Jeremy WynnProps / Machines / Environments
Tito BelgraveCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Hermant DhawanCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Sanket GuptaCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Derek LeBrunCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Mashru MishuCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Bojin ShiCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Trent TrombleyCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Kristian DavidsonCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Marcus DublinCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Loriane Howard IIICharacters / Creatures / Organics
Ngai Man LeungCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Ashish ParasharCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Jeremy Smith (I)Characters / Creatures / Organics
Johnny Xiao ZhiqiangCharacters / Creatures / Organics
Ben Anderson (I)Animation
Rebecca GrayAnimation
Stephen PhillipsAnimation
Andrew BoetsmaAnimation
Ciro MihanovicAnimation


Damien GoodwinVoice Director
Ant HalesRecording Engineer
Christopher JacksonCopy Editor

Kpow Audio

Michael TheilerVoiceover Audio Design & Implementation
Peret Von SturmerVoiceover Audio Design & Implementation

Frictional Games

Michael BenzieSound Designer
Tapio LiukkonenFoley Artist
Joseph CrispinAdditional Sound Design
Luke HattonAdditional Sound Design
Chris SweetmanAdditional Sound Design
Miko TarmiaMusic
Ahmad MouhsenAdditional Programming
Andreas JonssonAdditional Programming

Knockout Games

Aron MelcherMac & Linux Porting

Frictional Games

David SatzingerPhotography
Anne PogodaProject Manager and Assistant
Philipp ZimmermannSimon (Photography)
Jessica Jordan (I)Ashley (Photography)
Max PohlenzSet Gaffer and Driver
Ulrike JesseSpecial Thanks
Erik JesseSpecial Thanks
Rachel ThomasAdditional Photography
Nadja NikodemoszAdditional Photography
Christina SatzingerAdditional Photography
Dominic StaveacreTrailers Editor
Mick GordonTrailer Music
Joshua CrispinTrailer Music
Sven LarsenWeb Design and ARG

Evolve PR

Tom OhlePR
Brian RowePR
S&H Entertainment LocalizationLocalization (Support Company)

Frictional Games

Agustín CordesAlpha Testing
Ben HalbertAlpha Testing
Chris PruettAlpha Testing
Clara Fernández-VaraAlpha Testing
Daniel Márquez QuintanillaAlpha Testing
David Erosa GarcíaAlpha Testing
David GustavssonAlpha Testing
Gemma FinniganAlpha Testing
Jakob VesterbergAlpha Testing
Javier MairenaAlpha Testing
Jeroen StoutAlpha Testing
Jordan WoodwardAlpha Testing
Matthew WeiseAlpha Testing
Michael ReeveAlpha Testing
Michael SamynAlpha Testing
Paul HoldenAlpha Testing
Per MalmbergAlpha Testing
Raul VaqueroAlpha Testing
Ruaidhri WalkerAlpha Testing
Rudolf KremersAlpha Testing
Sam BarlowAlpha Testing
Steve GaynorAlpha Testing
Adrián Castro OjedaBeta Testing
Augustin CordesBeta Testing
Alex KainBeta Testing
Alexander BevierBeta Testing
Ann-Christin PogodaBeta Testing
Azra BecicBeta Testing
Ben DouglasBeta Testing
Beniot FrankBeta Testing
Cecilia PaulssonBeta Testing
Charlotte MedlerBeta Testing
Chris Payne (I)Beta Testing
Chris PruettBeta Testing
Clara Fernández-VaraBeta Testing
David ErosaBeta Testing
David GustavssonBeta Testing
David RosenBeta Testing
Dimitry KandaurovBeta Testing
Eduardo GarabitoBeta Testing
Emil MeitonBeta Testing
Emilio José Lopera JoyeraBeta Testing
Erik JesseBeta Testing
Krystian MajewskiBeta Testing
Lisa VooBeta Testing
Mark GregoryBeta Testing
Markus SchnellBeta Testing
Martin KvaleBeta Testing
Mateo PérezBeta Testing
Matthew Sanjon WeiseBeta Testing
Mikael PerssonBeta Testing
Nels AndersonBeta Testing
Ole Anders JordetBeta Testing
Per MalmbergBeta Testing
Peter JönssonBeta Testing
Philipp ZimmermannBeta Testing
Raúl VaqueraBeta Testing
Rudolf KremersBeta Testing
Stefan ÅbergBeta Testing
Terrence CroninBeta Testing
TestologyAdditional Testing (Support Company)
Bengt MagnussonAccounting
Eva PerssonAccounting
Bernt Montag"Sansation" Font
Adrian ChmielarzSpecial Thanks
Don ThackerSpecial Thanks
Imagos StudiosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA)Special Thanks (Support Company)
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)Special Thanks (Support Company)


89 /100

Released: 2015

SOMA is a sci-fi horror game from Frictional Games, creators of the groundbreaking Amnesia and Penumbra series.

The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people....