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Sonic: Before the Sequel

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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Sonic Before the Sequel (abbreviated Sonic BTS) is a fan game created by LakeFeperd that is meant to explain the events that may have taken place between Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In it, the player plays as Sonic and Tails, alternating between the duo through numerous zones as Sonic goes to stop Dr. Eggman from launching the Death Egg, with Tails trying to keep up and eventually meet and team up with Sonic... Read More

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1 reviews

Alright 80%

This game is one of the few fan games i love,have good music,good mechanics,and a good storyline,i am now a recent member of i am planning "Fix" the information of some Sonic the Hedgehog games and add some fangames how this.

Positive points
The game had good story,good music,and good mechanics.
Negative points
Playing this game in Windows 8/8.1/10 make the game crash sometimes,to fix it put the .exe file in compatibility mode to windows 7


After the events of Sonic 1, Sonic releases the Chaos Emeralds and is teleported to Hilltop Heights Zone. There, he catches sight of the nearly completed Death Egg and speeds off to stop it's impending launch. Later on after duking it out with Eggman, he heads off into Star Shore Zone. There, Tails is looking awkwardly at a Motobug that seems to be asleep, and he tries to touch it, and it awakes, and just as it is about to attack Tails, Sonic comes out of nowhere, destroys the badnik, and hurries off. Tails, amazed at the sight, sets out to follow the blue bur.