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Releasing: November 01, 1996

Fully rendered graphics thrust Sonic into an exciting 3D playing environment. An all new gameplay perspective puts you in the middle of Sonic's 3D adventure! The evil genius Robotnik is after the Chaos Emeralds and it's up to Sonic to stop him. Rescue the innocent Flickies before Robotnik turns them into part of his evil plan!

Sonic Blast was the last Sonic game for the Game Gear.
The game was also ported to the Sega Master System in Brazil by TecToy and released in December 1997, making it the last game ever made for that system.

While this game was released at the end of 1996 in conjunction with the similarly named Sonic 3D Blast, it is worth noting that the two games have little in common. No enemies, levels, or bosses, are shared between the games. The story is also completely different. Sonic and Knuckles join together to collect five of a Chaos Emerald's pieces and confront Dr. Robotnik at Silver Castle.