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Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

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Genre: Platform

Platforms: Neo Geo Pocket Color

Help Sonic rescue his forest friends from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Grab those golden rings and collect all the chaos emeralds for special bonuses. Rush through multiple bonus levels and challenge the high score record. Collect puzzle pieces and complete the mystery photo. Play against a friend in a 2-player Vs. battle. The action is gonna be super SONIC!

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Alright 80%

In this game, you play some modified Sonic 2 stages with Sonic 3 & Knuckles music, Sonic Adventure character designs and Sonic 1 assets sparkled in! So it's like some sort of Frankenstein's monster. Surprisingly tho, the gameplay is pretty-much on-part with the genesis games and it's fun replaying familiar stages with new layouts and bosses! The screen is a bit small and the collisions with bosses can be approximative so it can end up very fr... Read More

Positive points
- Good 8-bit renditions
- New level layouts
- Gameplay feels just right!
Negative points
- Unfair bosses collisions
- Screen is a bit small