Space N Traders Press kit


Space N Traders is a trading game with a vertical shooter gathering process, inspired by the original Space Invaders game. This could be a Game Changer (pun intended) with the family teamwork focus using our Co-Pilot system with zero negative impact on the main player.

The game revolves around the Qridart family who are trying to find suitable planets to inhabit and bring the remaining population of their destroyed home planet.

They need to secure 4 suitable planets but the 4 Evil Empires that destroyed their home planet are getting closer to doing the same to these native species.

Can you find the strength and skills required to fight off the 4 Evil Empires and save these peaceful Civilisations? Will you be able to help them build defenses, in order to battle the 4 Evil Empires, and stop them once and for all? Or will these species suffer the same fate as your home planet and end in destruction?

Play as the Qridart family, build up defenses, trade, upgrade, and bring the fight back to the 4 Evil Empires and reap revenge for the Qridart species.

Allow your species to have a peaceful existence side by side with the native peaceful species.

In Space N Traders we have a Unique Co-Pilot System, have a child or friend help you play the game, giving you huge overall benefits and helping children bond with the main player. This is aimed to allow even very young children(age 3) to game and bond without any negative impact on the main players progress.

This is a family friendly game with a bias towards co-op style play that helps bonding while giving the added bonus of higher rewards.

Space N Traders can be played alone.

The game does not contain any episodes of violence, blood, and gore, sexual content or strong language. Content is suitable for all ages, including young children.

P.S. No children were harmed in the process of creation or testing of this game.

P.P.S. Please also be aware that spaceships have been physically hurt during game testing.



There are far more images available for Space N Traders, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact the developer!

Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)