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Space-Pilot is a multi-directionally scrolling shooter by Kingsoft from 1984. The player steers a figher jet, which has obviously been equipped with a time machine, through 5 time zones, in which he has to defend himself against hostile flying armed forces fitting the corresponding epoch. If 56 hostile machines have been destroyed, a mother ship appears which can be shot with 5 shots, whereupon the time jump to the next era follows.
Bonus points can be gained by collecting sky divers and destroying enemies in formation flight.
After finishing the fifth and last time zone successfully, the game starts anew.
Time zone 1 - 1919: The age of the double deckers. These are slower than the own jet but they defend themselves with bombs. To finish this epoch of WWI you need to shoot a zeppelin.
Time zone 2 - 1940: "Spitfires" and "Heinkels" are now the enemies. These fly faster and have a stronger firepower. A bomber can also appear, which needs to be hit 3x to get a bonus of 1.500 points. At the end of this level a "Junker" appears.
Time zone 3 - 1970: Here you meet combat helicopters that reach the speed of your own jet and shoot missiles. At the end of the level you need to shoot a Chinook transport helicopter, although the manual talks about a "Gunship" combat helicopter.
Time zone 4 - 1984: The age of the fighting jets. They are very fast and agile and have a deadly armoury. This epoch is finished by shooting an oversized prototype.
Time zone 5 - 2001: The attack of the flying saucers. In a meteorite field you need to make your way against the attackers and then destroy the mother ship.

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