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Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery

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Genre: Indie, Strategy

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Space Run is a PC game that mixes strategy and space ship construction in real time, borrowing certain mechanics from the “tower defense” system with numerous twists and hyper dynamic gameplay. Space Run is a nod to ‘80s science fiction and pays homage to many of its tropes and references. The year is 2525. You are Captain Buck Mann, a Space Runner whose job is to transport valuable cargo from one end of the galaxy to the oth... Read More

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The Year is 2525, space is no longer "the final frontier". Mankind has spread out to the farthest reaches of the known galaxy. Thing is, those far reaches are dangerous, filled with space pirates, deadly asteroids, hostile aliens, random anomalies, and maybe even a strange space monster. But that doesn’t mean the people living out there still don’t want stuff. That’s where you come in.

You are captain Buck Mann (kind of an ironic since you don’t have a buck to your name).

You’re a "thirtysomething" year old pilot, but truthfully you don’t really care about age. Age is just a number and you’ve never been all that good with numbers. The only number that matters to you is being number one. You pride yourself in being the best fraking pilot in the galaxy, if not the universe. You once flew for Earth Force. Later you became a hot item on the space racing tour. You are a rugged individualist, your own man, a man’s man.
Problem is, you do have a bit of a gambling "habit". That gets you in trouble time and again. For your latest incidents, you were holding Aces over Kings a full house, a sure winner. Hard to believe you lost everything to some mutant who had four threes. Then you failed to cover the spread on the humans vs androids rugby game. You had the androids, but never anticipated that EMP blast. Long story short, you now owe the mob a LOT of credits. Being out of money and in debt over your head, you are forced to accept jobs piloting big bulky cargo ships. Much to your chagrin you are now a "Space Runner" making Space Run after Space Run.
Still, you have the courage, knowhow and mojo to get the job done! You have two mottos you use depending on the customer. "Fast safe delivery!" - "When you need it there yesterday!".
If somebody has a package they need delivered, you’re the man to do it, no questions asked. Well there is one question asked: how much does it pay?
Your crew

Adaam-12: an android who is one of a kind (well more likely 12 of a kind) he is your co-pilot, your second in command, your right hand man, eh machine.

He is constantly by your side. You won him in a black jack game. He knows pretty much everything and he is programmed to be ever helpful and full of ideas.

Yet this somehow doesn’t stop him from being snarky. Sometimes you think he thinks you work for him.