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Space Station Silicon Valley

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Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64

A space station that was built more than 1000 years before by Earth, shortly after its launch, vanished. The station has since then mysteriously reappeared and it's bound on a collision course with Earth. Unless Dan and Evo can stop it, all will surely perish. The idea behind the game is fairly simplistic: players take on the role of Evo, a robotic microchip that possesses the unique ability to take over the bodies of dead (ro... Read More

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A very old space station called Silicon Valley has been lost for a thousand years but recently reappeared on a crash course with Earth. The first party, led by Professor Cheese, to investigate the station never returned so Danger Dan and his robot partner Evo are hired to find him. Dan crashes into Silicon Valley and discovers the animals have fused with the technology of the ship. While Dan stays in the ship, Evo ventures out to find the professor and stop the station from colliding with Earth.