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Space War

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Genre: Arcade, Simulator

Platforms: Atari 2600

This video game is an Atari 2600 port of Spacewar!, the famous 1962 computer game by Steve Russell. The cartridge comes programmed with 17 game variations. Variations 1 to 13 are duels between two ships and 14 to 17 are for one player. In some of the variations the ships fight near a planet which has gravitational attraction. This concept was used in the Star Control series of games.

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Space War for the Atari 2600 was among the first home adaptations of the classic mainframe game Spacewar!. The cartridge includes two different game modes: Space War and Space Shuttle. Space War is the classic one-on-one game of dueling spaceships and requires two players. The goal is to shoot down the opponent with missiles for one point per kill. Each player's ship carries eight missiles and a limited amount of fuel for its thrusters. Once the... Read More