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A fairy tale world, but a mysterious world where the hatter is the mafia and shoot-outs are not uncommon.

The story is set in "The Country of Spades," which is made up of four territories: White Territory, Black Territory, Hatter Mansion, and The Station. However, this country was in the midst of war and dangerous no matter where you went.

Meanwhile, the main character Alice, a realist who and by no means a dreamer, was saved from drowning in a lake, and by then had lost all of her memories.

She was unable to remember the people she never met, the people she used to be friends with, nor the circumstances surrounding them.

People she is supposed to be meeting for the first time, who seem somehow familiar and important, and someone she has forgotten…

In a country full of unfamiliar times, Alice builds new relationships despite her discomfort, learning to accept her lost memories and insane life.

Will this realist protagonist be able to find an honest romance in an unconventional world?


Release Dates
Game Mode
Single player
Visual Novel
Fantasy, Romance
Localized titles
Japan: スペードの国のアリス Wonderful White World