Time until Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor release!



Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor is a 2009 side-scrolling action/puzzle video game for iOS and Android, developed and published by Tiger Style. The player takes control of a spider who comes to reside in to the deserted Bryce Manor and must spin webs to trap various types of insects, whilst simultaneously ascertaining what happened to the former residents of the manor. The game received critical acclaim and won multiple awards. Originally released in August,[1] a Director's Cut update replaced the original version on the App Store in December. The update added ten new levels, twenty-four new Game Center achievements, new music, more story elements and a new insect (the hornet).[2] A year after the game's initial release, a HD version was released for the iPad.[3] In 2013, the game was also released for Android.[4] A sequel, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, was released in August 2015 for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.[5]

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