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Releasing: March 24, 2005

Based on the 3D coin-on arcade title of the same name, SpikeOut: Battle Street offers a quick single-player mode that's about two to four hours long and each time it's beaten, a new character, with slightly different special attacks, opens up. There are around 10 levels, and 12 unlockable characters, and an online mode. You can connect with three other players for a four-player online bout on Xbox Live, and as a "sort-of" team, you then proceed to smack infinite nameless thugs into polygonal paste. The game works one way: Four humans against the computer AI. You've got a punch, kick, jump, and grapple move, and when pressed multiple times, each button ignites combos. By grappling an enemy from various angles and by pressing the Dpad in different directions when executing the throw renders various satisfying hurls.