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Releasing: October 24, 2000

Spin Jam is a puzzle game that involves aiming colored bubbles at flower petals. When three bubbles are united with their respective colored petal, the petal will burst. When all petals burst, you've defeated the level. Arcade mode is one of three separate ways to play Spin Jam. In it, you must challenge your skills in 100 levels. Each level will get more difficult, and you'll discover more twists and turns as you advance.

Battle mode lets you and a friend compete in a head-to-head match. The winner is the first to explode their screen's petals. Story mode is like a single-player version of the Battle mode. You'll progress through each character's series of "planets" to get a shot at defeating an evil dictator named Moolamb. Eight characters are initially available, with more waiting to be unlocked. Use special bubbles as power-ups to help you clear each color-changing petal.