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Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom

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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, PC (Microsoft Windows), Game Boy Advance, Xbox

Versions: See the alternative version of this game

Players control SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy (except in the GBA and PC version, where in the GBA version, players controls SpongeBob only. In the PC version you can play as SpongeBob in various parts of Bikini Bottom.) Players also battle robot bosses such as Sandy, Plankton, Squidward, Patrick, and SpongeBob (Though you can only battle Robot Squidward in the GBA version). Players can also switch between characters at bus stop... Read More

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The game revolves around the theme of robots invading Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob's hometown. The robots were created by Plankton, the evil genius owner of the Chum Bucket, who has built a new machine called the Duplicatotron 3000 to produce an army ofjeremih to take over the world using these robots, but only after he creates them does he realizes that the switch on the Duplicatotron has accidentally been switched to "Don't Obey" and the robots quickly kick him out of the Chum Bucket before taking over it.

SpongeBob and Patrick were playing with toy robots and wish they would with real robots. Patrick uses his "magic wishing shell" to make their wish come true, hoping they will show up tomorrow. SpongeBob wakes up to find that his house has been trashed after thinking he wants to play with a robot. He wanders through the house for a while and receives a fax from Mr. Krabs, stating that he would give SpongeBob a golden spatula for every certain amount of shiny objects he collects for him. Outside, SpongeBob finds a disappointed Plankton, who weaves a tale of lies to the hero, claiming that the robots showed up out of nowhere and kicked him out. Fooled by the diminutive villain, SpongeBob embarks on a perilous quest to find golden spatulas, get rid of the robots, trading shiny objects to Mr. Krabs for golden spatulas, searching for Patrick's stolen socks (that had been taken by the robots) who will give him golden spatulas if he brings back ten socks, and getting Plankton back into the Chum Bucket, including bungee jumping, bubble blowing, learning new bubble moves from Bubble Buddy, and traveling through dreams amongst others.

He travels to Jellyfish fields and fights King Jellyfish to get some of its jelly back to Squidward (who has been stung by jellyfish). King Neptune calls SpongeBob and Patrick to the Posidome to defeat Robot Sandy. SpongeBob goes to the Mermalair and fights Prawn, one of Mermaid Man's archenemies. Later SpongeBob and Sandy save Squidward from Robot Patrick. After SpongeBob takes back the Flying Dutchman's ship from the robots, the Flying Dutchman, who promise a golden spatula for him if he gets back his ship, goes back on his deal in which Sandy fights him for it. SpongeBob creates a bubble formed ship to trade for the golden spatula. After SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward gain access to the Chum Bucket they discover Robot SpongeBob and Robot Plankton, also learning that Plankton was responsible for making the robots. SpongeBob fights his robot self and Robot Plankton. After defeating them, SpongeBob hoped Plankton learned his "lesson". Many Robot Planktons come out and they begin arguing (along with the original one the survived the battle). However, robots are still causing trouble in Bikini Bottom in which the gang continue to fight for it.The game ends with a special surprise cutscene of all the characters in the game singing the theme song(if you collect all 100 golden spatulas)