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Star Crusader

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Genre: Simulator

Platforms: PC DOS, Amiga CD32, Amiga

The player assumes the role of Roman Alexandria, a crack pilot for the Gorene Empire in their conquest to assume control of the Ascalon Rift. The five races native to the Rift, previously enemies, join forces to resist the Gorene expansion and as Roman Alexandria, you are confronted with an ethical dilemma in deciding which side to fight for.

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4 reviews

Fair 70%

Star Crusader is an enjoyable spaceship combat simulator. It's been long time since I finished this game together with my brother and I remember we had a lot of fun. You need to manage the power of your ship in order to supply the ship's weapons, shield and speed. One interesting feature of the game is that during some missions you can disable an enemy's ship and use the tractor beam in order to steal the ship by jumping back to your base at the ... Read More