Star Fox Adventures

Fox Mccloud takes a break from flying his arwing and signs up for a mission on land, a beautiful, magical land called Dinosaur Planet. Although the player controls Fox for almost the entirety of the game, the first level of Star Fox A...

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Review: AnimeCwboys Review

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This is 1 of only 3 games I've ever returned. I really enjoyed what it was trying to do, right up until the forced final boss. It was so out of left field I took it back that day.

Positive points
  • Interesting world. Nothing special or groundbreaking, just you're average Jak & Daxter style game.
Negative points
  • To model the villain you've built your entire story and plot around into what you think is about to start the final fight only to kill him in a cut scene and jump right to Andross is just offensive.


Total score