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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force (Credits)

Raven Software

Ron SurmaCasting Director
Chad StruckCasting Assistant
Barbara HarrisLoop Group Casting
Mary Ellen FormanLoop Group Casting
POP SoundRecorded at (Support Company)
Salami StudiosRecorded at (Support Company)
Screen Music StudiosRecorded at (Support Company)
Kris ZimmermanVoice Director

Pipe Dream Interactive

David ElmekiesExecutive Producer - PS2 Port
Catherine BiebelgerAssistant Producer - PS2 Port
Brandon EhleLead Programmer - PS2 Port
Sandeep Singh BislaProgrammer - PS2 Port
Hsien-Wan ChouProgrammer - PS2 Port
Michael LongProgrammer - PS2 Port
Jeremy PetersonProgrammer - PS2 Port
David Romig Jr.Programmer - PS2 Port
Sean R. ScottProgrammer - PS2 Port
Mark TrumbullProgrammer - PS2 Port
Level Design
Kareem LeggettLevel Designer - PS2 Port
Peter LipmanLevel Designer - PS2 Port
Peter AponteArtist - PS2 Port
Tavio CastrilloArtist - PS2 Port
Terrence NorwoodArtist - PS2 Port
Nikoma RiosArtist - PS2 Port
Quality Assurance
Raimond IodiceQA Manager - PS2 Port
Eric JezercakLead Tester - PS2 Port
Bob GuerciTester - PS2 Port
David KobrinTester - PS2 Port
Kevin KurdesTester - PS2 Port
Wayne MascolaTester - PS2 Port
Alex MisdomTester - PS2 Port
Russell MockTester - PS2 Port
Brandon PattersonTester - PS2 Port
Jasper RendaTester - PS2 Port
Stephen SheftzTester - PS2 Port
Bryon ShockleyTester - PS2 Port
Luis A. TorresTester - PS2 Port
Mark RudolphMarketing Director - PS2 Port
Corry T. FitchpatricManual Copywriter - PS2 Port
Packaging Design
Michael MarrsPackage and Manual Design - PS2 Port

Raven Software

Steve RaffelCreative Director
Brian RaffelCreative Director
Brian PelletierProject Lead
Les DorscheidArt Lead
Brian ShubalAnimation Lead
Christopher FosterDesign Lead
James MonroeProgramming Lead
Kim Lathrop2D Artist
Mark Nelson2D Artist
Andrew Trabbold2D Artist
Jeffrey P. Lampo3D Artist
Bobby Duncanson3D Artist
Jeff ButlerAdditional 2D Art
Gina GarrenAdditional 2D Art
Kevin LongAdditional 2D Art
Joe KoberleinAdditional 2D Art
Todd RuepingAdditional 2D Art
Robert GeeCharacter Modeling and Animation
Jarrod ShowersCharacter Modeling and Animation
Eric TurmanCharacter, Technical Setup, Modeling & Animation
Culligan RobertsAdditional Characterm Modeling and Animation
Joe SibilskiAdditional Character Modeling and Animation
Level Design
Tom OdellAssistant Lead
Michael Raymond-JudySingle Player Level Design
Mike RennerSingle Player Level Design
Mike SchulenbergSingle Player Level Design
Jeremy StatzSingle Player Level Design
Jon ZukIn-game Cinematics
Eric BiessmanHolomatch Level Design
Greg BarrHolomatch Level Design
Jim HughesHolomatch Level Design
Scott McNuttHolomatch Level Design
Matt PinkstonHolomatch Level Design
Michael Chang GummeltSingle Player Programming / Screenplay
Joshua WeierSingle Player Programming
Robert LoveSingle Player Programming
Jeff DischlerSingle Player Programming
Ste CorkTechnology Programmer
Gil GribbTechnology Programmer
Patrick J LipoHolomatch Lead Programmer
Keith FullerHolomatch Programmer
Dan KramerHolomatch Programmer
John ScottHolomatch Programmer
Jake SimpsonHolomatch Programmer
Rick JohnsonAdditional Programming
Nathan MckenzieAdditional Programming
Christopher ReedAdditional Programming
Sound and Music
Kevin SchilderSound Design and Music Composition
Chia Chin LeeAdditional Sound and Localization Coordinator
Danny PelfreyAdditional Music and Theme
Michael CrownsDirector of Product Development
Kenn HoekstraProject Administrator / Manual Documentation


Laird M. MalamedExecutive Producer
Jim HudsonProduction Tester
Aaron GrayProduction Tester
Mike StephanProduction Tester
Customer Support
Bob McPhersonCustomer Support Manager
Gary BolducCustomer Support Lead
Rob LimCustomer Support Lead
Mike HillCustomer Support Lead
U.S. Marketing
Jenny StornettaGlobal Brand Manager
Michael WebsterAssociate Brand Manager
Ehtisham RabbaniVice President - Global Brand Management
Kathy VrabeckExecutive Vice President - Global Brand Management
Tricia BerteroVice President - Global Brand Management
Public Relations
Maryanne LataifVP Corporate Communications
Michelle NinoSenior Manager Corporate Communications
Chris Lewis (I)Product Manager, UK
Matti KuorehjarviProduct Manager, UK
Sarah RicchiutiPR Manager, ROE
Sarah PeltonPR Manager, UK
Andreas StockMarketing Director, Germany
Achim KaspersBrand Manager, Germany
Markus WildingPR Director, Germany
Bernard SizeyManaging Director, France
Guillaume LairanBrand Manager, France
Diane De DomecyPR Manager, France
Paul ButcherMarketing Director, Asia Pacific
Leigh GloverProduct Manager, Asia Pacific
Nathalie DoveLocalization Manager, UK / ROE
Peter NielsenLocalization Supervisor, UK
Natascha ConradDirector, Germany
Effective Media GmbHGerman Localization (Support Company)
Quality Assurance
Matt MortonQA Lead
Matt PowersQuality Assurance PC Manager
Jeff PoffenbargerSr. QA Lead
Danny LeeQA Floor Lead
Chad SiedhoffQA Floor Lead
Patrick BowmanMultiplayer QA Test Coordinator
Matthew BealSingle Player QA Coordinator
Eric ZimmermanLocalization QA Lead
Saam ShabahangQA Tester
Todd AllisonQA Tester
Michael FiedererQA Tester
Alex ColemanQA Tester
Ronyie WeibelQA Tester
Trey SmithQA Tester
Ben GilbertQA Tester
Fred TalaiQA Tester
Garrett OshiroQA Tester
Dustin ThomasQA Tester
Matt GilQA Tester
Chris BiermanQA Tester
Michael BeckQA Tester
Michael SiskQA Tester
Erin MartelQA Tester
Scott DukatQA Tester
Jesse ShannonQA Tester
Thaddeus SasserQA Tester
Code Release Group
Tim VanlawCode Release Group Manager
Jua ValdesCode Release Group Manager
Neil BarizoCompatability
Jason KimCompatability
Network Lab
Christopher KiemNetwork Lab
John FrittsInstaller
Drew PettersonInstaller
Eric DallaireManual Copywriter
Stephen WashingtonM.I.S.
Mike RixfordM.I.S.
Jason GinesM.I.S.
Frank GaleM.I.S.
Francis O'NeilM.I.S.
Steve ManningM.I.S.
Aaron KingM.I.S.
Kevin LairdM.I.S.
Indra GunawanM.I.S.
Sunanda JoshiM.I.S.
Jermaine ClarkeM.I.S.

Viacom Consumer Products

Harry LangDirector, Product Development - Interactive & Technology
Daniel FeltsSupervisor, Product Development - Interactive & Technology
Andrea HeinViacom Consumer Products
Terri HeltonViacom Consumer Products
Pam NewtonViacom Consumer Products
Rick BermanViacom Consumer Products
Dave RossiViacom Consumer Products
Peter LauritsonViacom Consumer Products
Michael OkudaViacom Consumer Products
Rick SternbachSenior Illustrator, Star Trek: Voyager

Creat Studios, Inc.

Computer Rendered Animation
Anton PetroExecutive Producer
Daniel ProuslineExecutive Producer
Avenir SniatkovProject Leader
Dmitry AstakhovModelling
Vladimir TchernychModelling
Yury TchernychModelling
Dmitry KholodovTextures and Lighting
Fidail GilmutdinovTextures and Lighting
Anton LomakinAnimation and Effects
Alexander MialoAnimation and Effects
Olga CheremisovaPost-Processing
Dan CurryVisual Effects Supervisor, Opening Credit Sequence
Blur StudioActivision/Voyager Logo Sequence (Support Company)

Ignited Minds, LLC

Erik Jensen (I)Packaging Design
Cindy WhitlockProduction Artist
Sylvia OrzelManual Layout

Pipe Dream Interactive

Morris SuttonSpecial Thanks
Jesse SuttonSpecial Thanks
Joseph SuttonSpecial Thanks


David Anderson (I)Special Thanks
Jim SummersSpecial Thanks
Eric ZalaSpecial Thanks
Sam NounaniSpecial Thanks
Daniel HagertySpecial Thanks
Jason WongSpecial Thanks
Tanya LangstonSpecial Thanks
Ed CluneSpecial Thanks
Steve RosenthalSpecial Thanks
Michael PoleSpecial Thanks
Mitch LaskySpecial Thanks
Steve ElwellSpecial Thanks
Mike DennySpecial Thanks
Claudia PlasenciaSpecial Thanks
Steve StringerSpecial Thanks
Extra Special Thanks
Gene RoddenberryVery Special Thanks
Matthew BaranowskiOriginal MD3View
Sander Van RossenOriginal MD3View
Jeff RobertsRAD Game Tools for BINK Support
Robert DuffyQ3Radient Support
Juliet DuttonQ3Radient Support
Benjamin BoernerExtra Special Thanks for all the help
James E. DrewsExtra Special Thanks for all the help
Our Family and Friends
Hosts of Elite Force Fan Sites
The Fans of Raven Software
id SoftwareExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
House of MovesExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
DC ComicsExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
Wildstorm ProductionsExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
Screen ThemesExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
Digital IslandExtra Special Thanks (Support Company)
And a very special thanks to the fans. Eepecially those who took the time and effeort to create fan websites.