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turtle94s Review [8.0/10]

turtle94 created

Great game, feels like a mix between Dark souls, Uncharted/Tomb raider and a Metroidvania in a star wars setting. The game does nothing new but takes strong points of other games and does it well. The combat is like Dark souls but with difficulty options so its easier to pick up. the adventuring feels a bit like uncharted, with the climbing an...

robertohigor96s Review [7.0/10]

robertohigor96 created

A refreshing action adventure Star Wars game I'ts amazing what Respawn manage to do, having a background in first person shooters. You can feel this game was a work of passion, there's a lot care in small details like animations or level design. The story is there, but there's nothing amazing about it. One of the reasons is that the game ...

Gyuro777s Review [7.0/10]

Gyuro777 created

It's a "Nahh" game... They knead good games for this. I don't think it's bad but it could be better. The gameplay, music, graphics combo is great but the story... They cut it very fast.

Larwicks Review [6.0/10]

Larwick created

Firstly, this is shallow next to anything made by FromSoftware in terms of gameplay, but that being said you could do worse. Check it out cus you like Star Wars, not cus you're looking for another Dark Souls.