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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Credits)


Casey HudsonCore Game Design
Drew KarpyshynCore Game Design
James OhlenCore Game Design
Preston WatamaniukCore Game Design
Derek WattsCore Game Design
David FalknerCore Game Design
Steve GilmourCore Game Design
Casey HudsonProducer
Casey HudsonProject Director
Ray MuzykaExecutive Producer
Greg ZeschukExecutive Producer
David FalknerLead Programmer
Mark BrockingtonLead Programmer
James OhlenLead Designer
Preston WatamaniukAssistant Lead Designer
Derek WattsArt Director
Steve GilmourLead Animator
Ryan HoyleAssistant Lead Programmer
David ChanAudio Producer
Darren WongLead Tools Programmers
Tom ZaplachinskiLead Tools Programmer
Jason KnipeLead Graphics Programmer
Scott LangevinQuality Assurance Lead
Nathan PlewesAssistant Producer
Marc AudyProgrammer
Robert BabiakProgrammer
Sophia ChanProgrammer
Howard ChungProgrammer
Michael DevineProgrammer
Dan FessendenProgrammer
Aaryn FlynnProgrammer
Andrew GardnerProgrammer
Ross GardnerProgrammer
Ryan HoyleProgrammer
Janice ThomsProgrammer
Craig WelburnProgrammer
John BibleGraphics Programmer
Pat ChanGraphics Programmer
Peter WoytiukGraphics Programmer
Don MoarBioWare Lead Tools Programmer
Owen BorstadTools Programmer
Tim SmithTools Programmer
Kris TanTools Programmer
Sydney TangTools Programmer
Scott GreigBioWare Director of Programming
Brook BakayAdditional Programming
Korin BamptonAdditional Programming
Rob BoydAdditional Programming
Brenon HolmesAdditional Programming
Stan MelaxAdditional Programming
Charles RandallAdditional Programming
Don YakielashekAdditional Programming
Drew KarpyshynSenior Writer
Jason BoothDesigner
David GaiderDesigner
Luke KristjansonDesigner
Cori MayDesigner
Andrew NobbsDesigner
Brad PrinceDesigner
Aidan ScanlanDesigner
Peter ThomasDesigner
John WinskiDesigner
David ChanSound Implementation
John HenkeSound Implementation
Steve SimSound Implementation
David ChanAdditional Sound Design
John HenkeAdditional Sound Design
Steve SimAdditional Sound Design
Dean Andersen3D Artist
Nolan Cunningham3D Artist
Mike Grills3D Artist
Lindsay Jorgensen3D Artist
Jessica Mih3D Artist
Matthew Park3D Artist
Arun Ram-Mohan3D Artist
Sean Smailes3D Artist
Mike Spalding3D Artist
Jason Spykerman3D Artist
Michael Trottier3D Artist
Sung Kim2D Artist
Mike Leonard2D Artist
Rob Sugama2D Artist
Rion Swanson2D Artist
Harvey FongTechnical Artist
Tobyn ManthorpeTechnical Artist
Alex Scott3D Visual Effects Artist
Rob Sugama2D GUI Art
Matt GoldmanAdditional Art
John GallagherConcept Art
Casey HudsonConcept Art
Sean SmailesConcept Art
Mike SpaldingConcept Art
Derek WattsConcept Art
John GallagherBioWare Director of Concept Art
Mike SassBioWare Director of Promotional Art
Todd GrenierPromotional Artist
Mike SassPromotional Artist
Carman CheungIn-Game Animation
Chris HaleIn-Game Animation
Mark HowIn-Game Animation
Rick LiIn-Game Animation
Kees RijnenIn-Game Animation
John SantosIn-Game Animation
Larry StevensIn-Game Animation
Henrik VasquezIn-Game Animation
David HibbelnCutscene Director
David HibbelnBioWare Director of Art
Tony de WaalLead Cutscene Animator
Chris MannPre-Rendered Cutscene Artist
Sherridon RoutleyPre-Rendered Cutscene Artist
Gina WelbournPre-Rendered Cutscene Artist
Shane WelbournPre-Rendered Cutscene Artist
Carman CheungIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Mark HowIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Rick LiIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Kees RijnenIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Larry StevensIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Henrik VasquezIn-Game Cutscene Animator
Alain BaxterQuality Assurance
Derrick CollinsQuality Assurance
Nathan FrederickQuality Assurance
Mitchell T. FujinoQuality Assurance
Keith HaywardQuality Assurance
Scott HornerQuality Assurance
Curtis KnechtQuality Assurance
Bob McCabeQuality Assurance
Ryan PlamondonQuality Assurance
Chris PriestlyQuality Assurance
Iain Stevens-GuilleQuality Assurance
Stanley WooQuality Assurance
Jonathan EppAdditional QA
Bruce VenneAdditional QA
Phillip DeRosaBioWare Director of Quality Assurance
Scott McLaughlanDirector of Marketing
Teresa CotestaCommunications Coordinator
Tom OhleCommunications Associate
Brad GrierCommunications Manager
Robin MayneSenior Web Developer
Jeff MarvinWeb Developer
Duleepa 'Dups' WijayawardhanaWeb Developer
Jay WatamaniukCommunity Manager
Derek FrenchLive Team Producer
David McGrutherClient Care Specialist
Ray MuzykaJoint CEO
Greg ZeschukJoint CEO
Richard IwaniukDirector of Finance
Mark KluchkyDirector of Human Resources
Jo-Marie LangkowAccountant
Kelley GraingerPayroll/Benefits Administrator
Theresa BaxterHuman Resources Coordinator
Leanne KorotashHuman Resources Assistant
Chris ZeschukSenior Systems Administrator
Craig MillerSenior Systems Administrator
Brett TollefsonSystems Administrator
Julian KarstSystems Administrator
Nils KuhnertSystems Administrator
Agnes GoldmanReceptionist
Scott GreigSpecial Thanks
Diarmid ClarkeSpecial Thanks
Jonathan EppSpecial Thanks
Chris ChristouSpecial Thanks
Brent KnowlesSpecial Thanks
Kevin MartensSpecial Thanks
Deo PerezSpecial Thanks
Keith WarnerSpecial Thanks
Dan WhitesideSpecial Thanks
Noble House KenjutsuSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Michael GalloProducer
Julio TorresAssistant Producer
Justin LambrosContent Coordinator
Kip BunyeaLead Tester
Adam GoodwinAssistant Lead Tester
Nick DenglerTester
Clay NormanTester
Tony ChristopherTester
Chris ThomasTester
Randy ChuTester
Brandon HuttTester
Jason LeeTester
Sony GreenTester
James MorrisTester
Ian ParhamTester
Lynn TaylorCompatibility Supervisor
Lynn TaylorLead Technical Writer
Darryl CobbCompatibility Technician
Benjamin EstabrookCompatibility Technician
Brian DeksnysCompatibility Technician
Kristie GarberCompatibility Technician
Kim JardinCompatibility Technician
Dan MartinezCompatibility Technician
Michael BlairAdditional Compatibility Testing
Bryan FinokiAdditional Compatibility Testing
Eric KnudsonAdditional Compatibility Testing
Scott TaylorAdditional Compatibility Testing
John CarseyQuality Services Computer Technician
Julian KwasneskiLead Sound Designer
Paul GormanAdditional Sound Design
Todd DaviesAdditional Sound Design
Clint BajakianAdditional Sound Design
Jory PrumCutscene Mixing
Ben BurttOriginal Star Wars Sound Effects
Jeremy SouleOriginal Music Composed by
Artisty Entertainment Inc.Original Music Composed for (Support Company)
John WilliamsOriginal Star Wars Music Composed by
Darragh O'FarrellVO Director
Cindy WongSenior Voice Editor
Harrison DeutschAssistant Voice Editor
Coya ElliottAssistant Voice Editor
Jennifer SloanVoice and International Coordinator
Screen Music StudiosVoices Recorded At (Support Company)
Darren HedgesManager of International Production
Bryan DavisInternational Producer
David ChapmanInternational Lead Tester
David ZemkeProduct Marketing Manager
Tom SarrisDirector of Public Relations
Heather Twist PhillipsPublic Relations Manager
Alexis MervinPublic Relations Specialist
Ronda ScottInternet Community Relations Specialist
Jim PassalacquaInternet Marketing
Melissa FederoffInternet Marketing
Tony DeWeeseInternet Marketing
Kathy Apostoli-GreeneInternational Marketing/PR
Brett RectorManual Editor
Michael GalloManual Writer
James OhlenManual Writer
Luke KristjansonManual Writer
Drew KarpyshynManual Writer
Beeline GroupManual Design (Support Company)
Meredith CahillDirector of Sales
Mike MaguireSales Coordinator
Greg RoblesSales Analyst
Tim MooreChannel Marketing Manager
Katy WaldenChannel Marketing Specialist
Jason HorstmanDirector of Sales Operations
Evelyne BollingMaterials Manager
Paul PurdyManager of Quality Services
Chip HinnenbergQuality Assurance Supervisor
Jay GeraciProduct Support Supervisor
Wendy KaplanDVD/CD Burning Goddess
Kellie WalkerDVD/CD Burning Goddess
Chris BrodyLucasArts I.S.
Jim CarpenterLucasArts I.S.
John DoakLucasArts I.S.
John Von EichhornLucasArts I.S.
John HannonLucasArts I.S.
Daryll JacobsonLucasArts I.S.
Chris McAllisterLucasArts I.S.
Gary PfeifferLucasArts I.S.
Richard QuiñonesLucasArts I.S.
Joe ShumLucasArts I.S.
Victor Tancredi-BallugeraLucasArts I.S.
Chad WilliamsLucasArts I.S.
Stacy CheregotisLucasfilm Licensing
Chris GollaherLucasfilm Licensing
Kristi KaufmanLucasfilm Licensing
Adria WilsonSpecial Thanks
Andy AlamanoSpecial Thanks
Brent OsterSpecial Thanks
Brett SchnepfSpecial Thanks
Camela McLanahanSpecial Thanks
Candice GindySpecial Thanks
Clint YoungSpecial Thanks
Dan MartinezSpecial Thanks
Denise GollaherSpecial Thanks
Donna CzerwinskiSpecial Thanks
Emily DuvalSpecial Thanks
Haden BlackmanSpecial Thanks
James MillerSpecial Thanks
Jannett Shirley-PaulSpecial Thanks
Jeff KlimentSpecial Thanks
John CarseySpecial Thanks
Jon KnowlesSpecial Thanks
K.C. ColemanSpecial Thanks
Karen CheliniSpecial Thanks
LEC-RPMSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Leland CheeSpecial Thanks
Lisa SwartSpecial Thanks
Liz AllenSpecial Thanks
Malcolm JohnsonSpecial Thanks
Mark BarbolakSpecial Thanks
Mary BihrSpecial Thanks
Matt UrbanSpecial Thanks
Matthew FillbrandtSpecial Thanks
Mike NelsonSpecial Thanks
Peggy ArySpecial Thanks
Rachel HardwickSpecial Thanks
Randy BreenSpecial Thanks
Reeve ThompsonSpecial Thanks
RJ BergSpecial Thanks
Seth SteinbergSpecial Thanks
Shara MillerSpecial Thanks
Simon JefferySpecial Thanks
Steve MatulacSpecial Thanks
Tina CarterSpecial Thanks
Tom McCarthySpecial Thanks
George LucasVery Special Thanks

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

92 /100

Released: 2003

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts. The game's system is based on Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game, which is based on...