Time until Star Wars: Lethal Alliance release!

Already released Worldwide [WW] on PlayStation Portable

RegionTime leftPlatform
Worldwide [WW]PlayStation Portable
Worldwide [WW]Nintendo DS



To capture the plans for the Death Star and make it back home safely, players must guide Rianna Saren and her trusty droid Zeeo through a variety of Star Wars environments while avoiding or attacking Imperial soldiers and their allies. Rianna is gifted in combat and Zeeo comes in handy for unlocking security doors, reaching high places, and bypassing dangerous areas. The story of Star Wars: Lethal Alliance unfolds between Episode III and Episode IV, when Princess Leia recruits the duo to steal the plans so the Rebels may learn any weaknesses in the massive weapon. Players will explore such areas as Tatooine, Despayre, Alderaan, and Danuta while interacting with characters including Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Kyle Katarn. The PSP features various mini-games and multiplayer Twil'lek vs. Twi'lek combat over a wireless network.