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Star Wars: Pit Droids

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Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), iOS

The pit droids go through 300 different puzzles, each randomly selected for eight levels. At first, your droids start at the Transport Ship, ending at the final level, the Arena. In each puzzle, you need to get 48 droids into the portal; if you get only a few number of droids, you advance with only that number. With each puzzle you complete, you gain points. Each level you unlock, you get a humorous pit droids clip. The levels... Read More

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In the high-stakes sport of Podracing, urgent
and determined pit droid mechanics can mean
the difference between victory and defeat…
when they stay out of trouble.

The Toydarian junk dealer Watto, eager to keep
his shop well stocked, is always on the lookout
for the next big deal.

Looming over the desert planet Tatooine is
the largest shipment of pit droids Watto has
ever purchased, threatening to overrun
all of Mos Espa unless someone gets
them under control…