How many days until Star Wars: Return of the Jedi release date?

Game is already released

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The Return of the Jedi completes the Trilogy of games based on the Star Wars films. Each one is a conversion of the Arcade game and Return of the Jedi picks up the action of the movie where the rebel forces begin their attack against the Imperial Death Star.

In the first lever you control Princess Leia on her Speederbike through the forest of Endor to safety of the Ewok village. You leave Leia there and go to another part of the forest to control Chewbacca's Scout Walker. There, Hans Solo is waiting to deactivate the shields protecting the Death Star.

On the second and third levels, you control Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian as he flies the Millennium Falcon.

Lando flies close to the Death Star fighting off a mighty attack from the T.I.E. fighters. The Millennium Falcon enters the Death Star and travels down a dangerous tube towards the central reactor.

Blast the reactor and then turnaround to get away from the Death Star as it blows up.