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Star Wars: X-Wing (Credits)


Lawrence HollandDesign and Project Management
Edward KilhamDesign and Project Management
Peter Lincroft3D Polygon Programming
Edward KilhamCinematic Engine Programming
Lawrence HollandMission AI Programming
Jon KnolesBackground Artwork
Jim McLeodBackground Artwork
Martin Cameron3D Animation and Rendering
Wade Lady3D Flight Engine Models
Peter Lincroft3D Flight Engine Models
Jon BellAdditional 3D Models
Dan ColonAdditional 3D Models
David MaxwellMission Design
David WessmanMission Design
Kalani StreicherMission Design
Lawrence HollandMission Design
Jon KnolesMission Design
Wayne ClineMission Design
Peter LincroftMission Design
John WilliamsTheme Music
Peter McConnellAdditional Music and Orchestration
Michael LandAdditional Music and Orchestration
Clint BajakianAdditional Music and Orchestration
Clint BajakianSound Effects
Robin GoldsteinSound Effects
Robin GoldsteinDialog Editing
Michael LandElectronic Music System
Peter McConnellElectronic Music System
Kalani StreicherProducer
Lawrence HollandProducer
David WessmanLead Tester
David MaxwellLead Tester
Wayne ClineLucasArts QA Supervisor
Chip HinnenbergTester
Michael LevineTester
Mark CartwrightTester
Steve DautermanTester
Heidi GebhardInvaluable Support
Yali LinInvaluable Support
Robin ParkerInvaluable Support
Laurie CanfieldInvaluable Support
Debby McLeodInvaluable Support
Heather BarclayInvaluable Support
George LucasSpecial Thanks


Star Wars: X-Wing

80 /100

Released: 1993

Star Wars: X-Wing is the first LucasArts DOS computer game set in the Star Wars universe, as well as the lead title in the X-Wing combat flight simulator game series. The player's character flies starfighters,...