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Starfall Tactics

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Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy, Tactical

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Starfall Tactics is a hardcore mix of RTS and Wargame genres powered by Unreal Engine 4, which allows you to build a space fleet of your dreams, battle against other players in quick and ranked matches and discover a huge Galaxy you can conquer. Exciting quick PvP matches for advanced strategists and wargamers, challenging PvE missions, plenty of tactical choices, in-depth customization of every unit in your army, nice visual ... Read More

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Earth was dying. Centuries of accelerated population growth and unchecked environmental policies have left it in ruins. There was no use prolonging the inevitable, so a planet-wide evacuation was set in motion. The course was set to Ancora - the nearest planet fit for terramorphing.

This moment is remembered as one of the greatest technological achievements of the human race and a time of great triumph for many. But what most history books leave out is how many people didn't get a saving ticket to the shuttle.

After the exodus from Earth, humanity split into two major groups who, while not exactly fond of each other’s company, were never in open conflict.

This all changed when an unidentified alien vessel crash-landed on planet Tartarus, right on the border of a contested region. Neither party agreed to give up the mysterious cargo, which lead to an all-out war, fueled by centuries of ideological hatred.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the last of the planet's inhabitants have emerged from the ashes of what was once their home. Robbed of any semblance of security, with no future to behold, they demand retribution from the original colonists for dooming their homeworld. Things are about to get ugly.