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State of Decay (Credits)

Undead Labs

Doug WilliamsArt and Animation
Scott AlbaughArt and Animation
Dan ColeArt and Animation
Dave DunniwayArt and Animation
Brant FitzgeraldArt and Animation
John GranquistArt and Animation
Reid JohnsonArt and Animation
James McMillanArt and Animation
Kevin PatzeltAudio
James PhinneyDesign
Richard FogeDesign
Nick MhleyDesign
Travis StoutDesign
Jeff StainProduction
Jessica BrunelleProduction
Shaun LeachProgramming
Tyler GillinghamProgramming
Lewis MohrProgramming
Ben ScottProgramming
Mark YoungProgramming
John ZippererProgramming
Steve TheodoreTechnical Art
Matt HeinigerTechnical Art
Sanya WeathersCommunity Management
Lisa LaFayOffice Management

Microsoft Studios

Rod ChongProducer
Neil WidmaierLead Tester
Craig LeighDesign Team
Jeff "Dexter" BlazierDevelopment Team
Josh MulanaxRelease Management
Tyler KeenanRelease Management
Mark CoatesExecutive Producer
Ted WoolseySenior Director, 1st Party Publishing
Cherle LutzBusiness Development
Chris CharlaPortfolio Director
Daniel McConnellProduct Manager
Michael WolfMarketing
Steven DodsonMarketing
John DangelmansMarketing
Raymond EstradaMarketing
Alex HerbertCommunity Management
Ashton WilliamsCommunity Management
Malika KherfiEurope Localization Team
Kristie FisherUser Researcher
Deborah HendersenUser Researcher
Brendan VanousMicrosoft Studios Sentient Development Team
Dave JohnsonArt Director
Boyd PostAudio Director
Tom AbernathyWriter/Nattative Designer
Special Thanks
Brian WeissSpecial Thanks
Matt GolzSpecial Thanks
Chuck HArrisonSpecial Thanks
David BokerSpecial Thanks
Josh BliggenstorferSpecial Thanks
Ben CammaranoSpecial Thanks
Paul AmerSpecial Thanks
Mark YeendSpecial Thanks
Kristoffor MellrothSpecial Thanks
Microsoft Studios CTO Reserves
Matt GiddingsTest Lead
Mike RhineReserves Infantry
Dan BachReserves Infantry
Tracy CarrithersReserves Infantry
Josh FirmingerReserves Infantry
Albin HovdeReserves Infantry
Manjot KharbandaReserves Infantry
Annique LaBrueReserves Infantry
Ian SchmidtReserves Infantry
Devin SmitherReserves Infantry
Abby WilsonReserves Infantry
Dave FosterReserves Infantry
Lionbridge Test Team
Marcin KrzysiakLionbridge Test Team Lead
Marcin AndrzejczakLionbridge Test Team Lead
Grzegorz BlonskiLionbridge Test Engineer
Adam KochanowskiLionbridge Test Engineer
Pawel WisniewskiLionbridge Test Engineer
Jakub WojosLionbridge Test Engineer
Grzegorz NowosielskiLionbridge Test Engineer
Michat JarkowskiLionbridge Test Engineer
Experis Test Team
Gavin KennedySenior Test Lead
Amelia HannonTest Lead
Tony BallSoftware Developer in Test
Valeriy NovytskyySoftware Developer in Test
John ShearerProject Software Test Engineer
Aaron PendletonSupporting Software Test Engineer
Brian CanningSupporting Software Test Engineer
Doug FordSupporting Software Test Engineer
TJ FarrisSupporting Software Test Engineer
Russell AllenSupporting Software Test Engineer
Tom DieterichSupporting Software Test Engineer
Alan HumeTest Associate
Andrew McGillivrayTest Associate
Ben DienesTest Associate
Blaine CrockettTest Associate
Brandon CallahanTest Associate
Caedman WebbTest Associate
Chris BrockTest Associate
Clayton "Chapper" HopperTest Associate
David EddyTest Associate
Donnie PurkeyTest Associate
Dustin LukasTest Associate
Emi HortonTest Associate
Emily LoveringTest Associate
Eric LeavellTest Associate
Gillian WilliamsTest Associate
Ivan FixTest Associate
Jacob ManleyTest Associate
James Garotte-LarsenTest Associate
Jay BlackTest Associate
Jeffrey WoitoTest Associate
Joe SobanTest Associate
Jonathan ToteTest Associate
Josh BreeseTest Associate
Kayleen LopezTest Associate
Keith LovelandTest Associate
Lesean JohnsonTest Associate
Matt BotzTest Associate
Matthew CampbellTest Associate
Matthew HowellsTest Associate
Michael ArvatTest Associate
Mike ArthursTest Associate
Nic BotzTest Associate
Robby EastTest Associate
Rickie ThornleyTest Associate
Ronnie ThornleyTest Associate
Ryan NaegeliTest Associate
Sean ManleyTest Associate
Tim FeeneyTest Associate
Tim "Hat" ToulouseTest Associate
Tyler LovemarkTest Associate
Wade KelleyTest Associate
Zack "Zombie" CutriTest Associate

Futurepoly Studios

Jason StokesFuturepoly Studios
David BrumbleyFuturepoly Studios
Ned GasotntipFuturepoly Studios
Levi HopkinsFuturepoly Studios
Soroo ParkFuturepoly Studios
Philip OuelletteFuturepoly Studios
Kelly ShipmanFuturepoly Studios
Daniel WeinbaumFuturepoly Studios
Sheldon WilmethFuturepoly Studios
Additional Development
Kyle DahlAnimation
Fernando HerreraAnimation
Jonas MankeAnimation
Alan TerceiroAnimation
Mark WheelerAnimation
Cisco MartinezModeling
Jesper KydMusic Composition
dreissekMusic Composition
John JensenProgramming
Jared MarsauProgramming
Mike EstesTesting
Reagan WrightUser Interface
Ten Gun DesignBrand Development (Support Company)
Steve GoldsteinBusiness and Legal Consuting
Emily DiehlCommunity Management
Melissa LeffDocumentation
Erik SchmidtFirearms Consulting
Peter BensonMotion Capture Actor
Lauren BawlerMotion Capture Actor
Ian RozylaMotion Capture Actor
Jim ScedMotion Capture Actor
Donovan StinsonMotion Capture Actor
Animatrik Film DesignMotion Capture Studio (Support Company)
AudioSurgerySound Studio (Support Company)
Sound Lab (Support Company)
Tepo Swaoe AgencyVoice Actor Casting Services (Support Company)
James NixonVoice Dialog Editor
Jordan StockVoice Dialog Editor
Patrick SeitzVoice Direction
Kirk ThorntonVoice Direction
Lab Babies
Baby Cordelio
Baby Lilliana
Baby Lula
Baby Teddy
Baby Wesley
Baby Wilde
Special Thanks
Annie StrainSpecial Thanks
Bill StrainSpecial Thanks
Sharon StrainSpecial Thanks
Madeleine and Daniel and Jackson and Teddy
Katy HargroveSpecial Thanks
Patrick WyattSpecial Thanks
Chris StenskiSpecial Thanks
Trevor HowellSpecial Thanks
Kama and Karma and Brogan
Beverly NeubauerSpecial Thanks
Cooper DavisSpecial Thanks
Stephanie and Jacob and Taylor
Michele and Jared and Josh and Emma
Brandon DillonSpecial Thanks
Matt AldermanSpecial Thanks
Mat WeathersSpecial Thanks
Edwin GeorgeSpecial Thanks
Erin and Calvin
Staci Scott and Jackson
Julia LowtherSpecial Thanks
Christa CarpentiereSpecial Thanks
Kira AndersonSpecial Thanks
Sarah ThrelkeldSpecial Thanks
Kim GranquistSpecial Thanks
The Jerk Church
Kelly Ann YoungSpecial Thanks
Lauren StoneSpecial Thanks
Katie and Nola and Ada
Vikki and Gavin
Helen and Nicky and Hal and ALT2000
Ada and Faith
Fuel Seattle
Fado Irish Pub
Grand Central Bakery
Tat's Deli
Pig 'N Whistle
More Special Thanks
Daniel 'Capt.C Baker' UsenerMore Special Thanks
Chris 'screenamesuck" RayeMore Special Thanks
Michael 'Negnar Holf' NilesMore Special Thanks
Jacob 'Abhor Deities' YoungMore Special Thanks
Austin 'Arc_79' PitschMore Special Thanks
Jeff 'Cargot35' DwyerMore Special Thanks
...and Dantron

State of Decay

80 /100

Released: 2013

The end is here. Life as you know it has gone to hell after the mother of all zombie outbreaks. Now you and the few scattered survivors must band together to survive and rebuild in a 3rd-person action game set in a...