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Already released in undefined on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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PC (Microsoft Windows)



Steamfarer is an RPG about steampunk airships. You take on a role of a captain of a flying vessel to embark on a hazardous but exciting journey through steampunk world. But to venture far enough you will need a powerful ship and experienced crew. Fortunately, the world is rich with steampunk technology and eager adventurers who would like to join you. Your crew members can develop their skills of manning various gun types and learn powerful abilities.
The game is being developed by me, Igor Rashkuev. Development started in November 2014.

Q: When the game is going to be released?
A: There is no release date yet, but I hope for some time in 2016.

Q: Which platforms the game will be avaliable on?
A: The game will definitely be on Steam (PC version for sure, I hope Mac and Linux will work out too), and probably on other PC stores. Then I'll see what I can do with mobile and console versions.

Q: Will the game be released in Early Access?
A: Nope, the game will be released as a final product.

Q: Are you going to run crowdfunding campaign?
A: At the moment there are no such plans.

Q: How many people are on the team?
A: Just me.

Q: So you're doing all the programming, art, design etc yourself?
A: Yup.