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SteamWorld Heist (Credits)

Image & Form

Brjann SigurgeirssonGlorious Leader
Olle HåkanssonCreative Lead
Tobias NilssonArt Direction & UI
Jakob WahlbergArt Lead
Robert OlsénDesign
Olle HåkanssonDesign
Ulf HarteliusDesign
Markus MånssonLevel Design
Ola FridProgramming
Ulf HarteliusProgramming
Olle HåkanssonProgramming
Jarl LarssonProgramming
Magnus MartinssonProgramming
Peter JohanssonProgramming
Tobias LiljaProgramming
Sebastian StrandProgramming
Agnieszka MikuckaGraphics & Animation
Amanda ElmGraphics & Animation
Björn HåkanssonGraphics & Animation
Jakob WahlbergGraphics & Animation
Peter BroqvistGraphics & Animation
Tobias NilssonGraphics & Animation
Elinore RönningGraphics & Animation
Peter BroqvistTechnical Art
Peter BroqvistStory & Descriptions
Pelle CahndlerbyStory & Descriptions
Brjann SigurgeirssonStory & Descriptions
Marco PoddaProject Management & Publishing
Brjann SigurgeirssonPR, Community & Marketing
Julius GuldbogPR, Community & Marketing
Mikael ForslindPR, Community & Marketing
Pelle CahndlerbyIn-house Sound Design
Steam Powered GiraffeMain Theme & Vocal Tracks (Support Company)
Johannes HedbergIn-game Music
Jannik ReuterbergSound Design
Mattias HammarinAdditional Sound Design
Joel ErikssonAdditional Sound Design
Bill SageVoice Acting
Peter BöhmeLanguage Consultant
Valentina DiázLanguage Consultant
"Let's Get Tough" CC, 1942 - Epilogue Track
"The Phantom Creeps" CC, 1939 - Cutscene Music
SteamWorld Heist Main Theme Reconfigured, Digital Dreams Wrapped In Plastic feat. Claes Bengtsson on lead guitar
"Cartoon Ricochet 2" By Grant Evans - Additional Ricochet Sounds - See for full details CC Sampling Plus 1.0
Roboto TranslationTranslation (Support Company)
Albin AbrahamssonTesters
Rebecka AdinTesters
Oscar AluddenTesters
Kevin AnderssonTesters
Lukas AnderssonTesters
Mikael AndrénTesters
Hugo AnkarlooTesters
Olle AxelssonTesters
Anders-William BergTesters
Erik BergstedtTesters
Joel BilleTesters
Ripley BrjansdotterTesters
Patric BrobornTesters
Alexander BrodendalTesters
Johan BurellTesters
Ludvig ChristenssonTesters
Marcus DrakeTesters
Ebba EdenströmTesters
Niklas EdvardssonTesters
Ali El ShaiaTesters
Chester ElmrothTesters
Stefan EvensethTesters
William FalkmanTesters
Marie FloodTesters
Max FribergTesters
Andreas GillbergTesters
Erik GranTesters
Rasmus GranTesters
Anna GöransdottirTesters
Oscar HallbergTesters
Sofia HarteliusTesters
Albin HolmqvistTesters
Carl HåkanssonTesters
Hedvig Häggman-SundTesters
Martin JakobssonTesters
Christian JarenforsTesters
Dan JohanssonTesters
Stefan JonssonTesters
Fritz KarlbäckTesters
Lennart LeungTesters
Mong LiTesters
Annette NielsenTesters
Petter MagnussonTesters
Santa MagnussonTesters
Ola MibergTesters
Monika MikuckaTesters
Linda Morell-LarsenTesters
Floki NielsenTesters
Leo NilssonTesters
Olle NilssonTesters
Jon OlsénTesters
Karin PehrssonTesters
Mattias QvarfordtTesters
Stefan ReuterskiöldTesters
Frida RindevallTesters
Johan RindevallTesters
Anders RindevallTesters
Karin RindevallTesters
Carl-Johan StiigTesters
Esteban SotoTesters
Per SturesonTesters
Maria SvenningTesters
Ver TakeoTesters
Viktor Tohver StridTesters
Snutt TreptowTesters
Adrian UlvsgärdTesters
Mathias WahlinTesters
Thomas KockumQA Intern
Matt FoleySheriffs
Nick RiddleSheriffs
Joseph KorangSheriffs
Kate PavlickSheriffs
Our SteamWorld Ambassadors - Special Thanks
Steam Powered GiraffeSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Coffee Stain StudiosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Renegade KidSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Shin'en MultimediaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Yacht Club GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Zoink GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Henrik HörlinSpecial Thanks
Our Friends & Families - Special Thanks
Louie - Office Dog
Corra - Office Dog
Kaiser - Office Dog
Caesar - Office Dog
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SteamWorld Heist

100 /100

Released: 2015

Join Captain Piper Faraday, smuggler and occasional pirate, as she recruits a rag-tag team of steam-driven robots and sets out on a daring adventure. With your hearty crew you’ll board, loot and shoot your way through...