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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact (Japanese: 鉄騎大戦 Hepburn: Tekki Taisen?) is a 2004 video game created by Capcom for the Xbox console where the player controls a VT (Vertical Tank). It is the online-only (via the Xbox Live broadband gaming service) sequel to Capcom's Steel Battalion game. The game was developed by Capcom Production Studio 4[2] and Nude Maker. Gameplay is similar to that of the previous game, and makes use of the same 2 joystick, 3 pedal, 40 button controller.

Within the game, players engage in mechanized combat using Vertical Tanks, the game terminology for very large bipedal combat platforms. Vertical Tanks are fictional vehicles that range in height from 8m - 15m in height, with unknown tonnage. These vehicles are the platform of choice for future combat in the year 2084.

The campaign mode for Steel Battalion: Line of Contact was taken offline on September 30, 2005.[3]


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