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Releasing: August 03, 2013

Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. - Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations (or SS: AMMO in short) is a fast-paced competitive arena shoot-em-up. Set in the Steel Storm universe, and an updated Japanese anime-inspired sci-fi world, you will get to pick an avatar to represent yourself as well as to choose a hovertank to do battle with.

Get in your mobile armor or hovertank and join either the Royal Interstellar Armored Corp (RIAC) or Separatist Union (SU). Pick from a list of available battlefields located across the Steel Storm universe, and prepare to engage your friends in fun and frantic MOBA-styled battlefests.

Come form a brigade with your friends and achieve glory in battle today with Steel Storm: A.M.M.O..

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