How many days until Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge release date?

Game is already released

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Gir Draxon's back! Two thousand years in the future, mankind fights against an ancient enemy! Gir Draxon, Overlord of the Arcturan Empire, has returned with a mysterious Warplink capable of funnelling his Death Cruisers from distant worlds. You and a prototype heavy assault vehicle, code-named Raven, are all that stand between the Arcturan invasion fleet and the certain destruction of Terran Command! Draxon's Revenge brings 3DO roaring to life! With Draxon's Revenge, the awesome 3DO system engages you in a complete Sci-Fi battle experience! Pilot the Raven through true 3D space. Feel the smoothness of control! Shake to the thunder of her firepower! Battle sweeping attacks of enemies so real... you'll need sunblock to prevent blaster burn!