Storm Boy

"Based on Colin Thiele's 1964 children’s book of the same name, Storm Boy takes place on the beaches of South Australia near the mouth of the Murray River, where the titular protagonist rescues orphaned pelican chicks, one of whom later ...

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The Storm boy is a child's interactive short story. However, adults can find many of the quests, or Zen mini-games relaxing. This is still in the realm of art and literature, and it offers a restful game with a melancholy, but compelling story line. You can also go back and replay these Zen games. I have read way too many reviews that shoot this game down, and I completely disagree. In my opinion, the symbology between childhood and our aerial hero creates a deeper narrative for players.
There was one major issue that did stand out to me: the developer needs to create an audio option for disabled/divergent readers.

Positive points
  • * Music
  • * Story
  • * Relaxing side games
Negative points
  • * Needs an audio option for disabled/divergent readers
  • * Short


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